Thank You Lord

by Adam Mullally

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released December 27, 2019



all rights reserved



Adam Mullally England, UK

Adam Mullally lives in Kent in South East England. He loves to write songs that reflect God's heart of love for all people. He hopes that his songs will draw people into a close relationship with Father God the Creator and Jesus His Son.

Adam is a reborn Christian whose life was totally changed when he turned to Jesus Christ in 1992.
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Track Name: Thank You Lord Jesus
Thank you Lord Jesus, for all the marvelous things you do. And every day I try To become more and more like you. Your wonder and greatness I find so hard to comprehend. I was the long lost sheep that you as shepherd came to tend.

You came to us

And now you’re in my heart, my life has changed beyond belief. You are my comforter, my light and source of great relief. And thank you for the ones I love -my family friends and foes. And in your name I pray that all of them will come to know

Your gracious love

I know you shed your blood to pay for sins that I have done. And thanks to your great love it’s the same for everyone. For when I go and knock, you will open and come in. And when I go and seek, I will find the greatest thing.

And that is You

Yes, thank you Lord
Track Name: We are the Redeemed (feat. Jude Grahame)
We are the redeemed, Jesus set us free
Nailed our death to the cross, took our sin for us
We are the redeemed, cleansed from guilt and sin
Jesus did it all and we will sing to him
He satisfied my thirst, filled the hole in my soul
Revealed the Father’s heart to build a bridge to us
We are not our own we’re bought with a price
Paid for by the blood of our Lord Jesus Christ
We give our hearts to Him who cleanses us from sin
And paved the way to God so we can meet with Him
And we will worship you in Spirit and in Truth
Track Name: So Many Wars (feat. Jude Grahame)
So many wars are raging, So much devastation
So many stricken with disease
So many broken people, Hungry and hurting people - Why don’t we get down on our knees?

But we have a hope and our hope is not in vain
For Jesus took the stripes to heal all our pain

So many with afflictions, So much drug addiction, many still caught in slavery
We murder the unborn children, And many die of starvation. Corruption and greed oppress the needy

But we have a hope and our hope is not in vain -Love your neighbour as yourself and God’s Kingdom will reign.

Here’s a revelation, We all need salvation
For only God can cure our world
He can heal our sickness, Change the heart of the wicked, and restore peace to beloved Earth

Yes, we have a hope, so we pray in Jesus’ name
That God’s Kingdom come on Earth and that His peace will reign

Reign, Jesus reign, reign. Reign, Jesus reign, reign.

For God so loved the world He sent his only son that those who trust in him should not perish but have everlasting life

Reign, Jesus reign, reign. Reign
Track Name: Jesus, Take Your White Horse
Jesus, take your white horse and ride
As thunder rolls, you ride across the sky
And everyone here can see And everyone bows the

Jesus, you’re descending on the clouds
And there are angels all around
And everyone here can see
And everyone bows the knee to Jesus Christ the King

Jesus, I was born to worship you
Oh yes, it’s what I was born to do. It is my destiny
to sing of your glory - to give you glory

Jesus, you embraced humanity
And then you died on a cross for me
You paid the greatest price You sacrificed your life

Jesus, glory to your name
And I want to seek your face To see what I can do
To tell the world of you, to tell of my love for you                   
Track Name: Perfume Girl
Perfume, rich, of purest nard is all you had to give
You poured it out on Jesus’ head, You poured it out with love. And some who watched scorned with distaste - condemned your actions as a waste, but Jesus told them to their face “she’ll always be remembered”

You did the only thing you could to bless the Prince of peace. You wanted just to worship him for He had set you free. You knew He was the King of Love -a gift that God sent from above and you just had to show your love, so you will be remembered.
Track Name: Deliverance
The bitter wind blew through my hair and I shivered in the cold
I looked around and saw despair - a demon who I’ve known from old
And then the ground began to rumble and hope was sucked right out of me
And then my house began to crumble as war broke out and evil screamed. 

Commotion howled within my ears - the dust of warfare blinded me
I struggled with my deepest fears as darkness thundered inside me
And then the sickening blast was sounded - the poison arrow hit me deep.
The sting of death was sown within me - I stumbled, helpless to my knees 
And in my hour of desperation from the dirt I cried out loud
“God, where are you in my weakness” - at times like these you can’t be proud
“This enemy is too much for me and without you I’m going to die
Jesus, please on me have mercy - take me out and lift me high”

And deep within I felt forgiven and noise was pierced by sudden peace
And as the dust began to settle I saw I knelt beside a tree
And at the ground I saw men mocking and blood was dripping near their feet.
Then I looked up and saw perfection and His blood fell onto me

And then He cried out “it is finished” and my enemy was fully crushed
I watched him thrown into the darkness with his pride and with his lust
And as I gazed in awe and wonder as sweetness filled the atmosphere
Love spoke out in voice of thunder “I’m always with you – do not fear” 

A new life beckons, slate washed clean, I rise up from the dust
Through Jesus Christ I am set free and satan’s plans are crushed
With new resolve I seek to serve the Lord who set me free
To share your love with a broken world, Jesus please anoint me

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