First Fruits

by Adam Mullally

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released November 19, 2013



all rights reserved



Adam Mullally England, UK

Adam Mullally lives in Kent in South East England. He loves to write songs that reflect God's heart of love for all people. He hopes that his songs will draw people into a close relationship with Father God the Creator and Jesus His Son.

Adam is a reborn Christian whose life was totally changed when he turned to Jesus Christ in 1992.
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Track Name: Man of Courage (feat. Jude Grahame)
Man of courage, Man of truth
A life of love you lived for me.
Beaten, spat on, mocked, abused
You knew it was your destiny.

Jesus, faithful one, you’ll always be
close by with endless love to rescue me, to rescue me.

In your precious name I’ll stand
I know I’ll never fall
cause you’re there to hold my hand
and my guilt – you took it all.

So I just want to say with all my heart
Thank you Lord, for you are great – the Son of God, the Son of God.

And you taught me how to live
In ways that show a life of love
-principles that you laid down
You heard from Father up above.

Jesus, holy one, I worship you
Please give me all I need to follow you, to follow you.

And in everything you did,
your Father’s voice was heard
In close communion with His heart
You carried out his word.

Jesus, Conqueror, you overcame
Champion of all the earth, took all my shame, took all my shame

Jesus, man of love, I want to be
More and more like you my Lord – will you change me – you’re changing me
Track Name: Jesus, Jesus (feat. Jude Grahame)
Jesus, Jesus – You are King of Kings
Lord of everything
Jesus, Jesus, now that my life is new
I love to worship you
Your word will be my light in dark of night
 Jesus, Jesus, your blood makes me whole
You satisfy my soul
Jesus, Jesus, your blood makes me clean
I have been redeemed
You shed your blood for me and set me free

 Spirit, Spirit, refresh me again
Pour down like summer rain
Spirit, Spirit, wash into my heart
Purify each part
My soul longs for your peace – please bring release

Jesus, Jesus, I was full of shame
but you took the blame
Jesus, Jesus, what else can I do
but kneel and worship you
You heard me when I called and broke my fall

Father, Father – here the water’s still
this place is so tranquil
Father, Father, you made me lie down here
Green pastures everywhere
And now that all is still, reveal your will
Track Name: My Afflictions (feat. Jonathan Newman)
Why do I put up with my afflictions?
-the things I can’t stop – those damned addictions
The sickening thoughts that taunt my mind
What is this darkness that looms inside?

And my sickness is washed away
And my sickness inside is washed away
Cleansed by the living water, cleansed by the living blood
Cleansed by the living Christ within my heart

And who is this man I speak of?
Do I speak a mystery?
No – this man went down in history
His name is on our lips now
When we curse so frequently
-the God who became man and died so mankind could be free

And my sickness is washed away
And my sickness inside is washed away
Cleansed by the living water, cleansed by the living blood
Cleansed by the living Christ within my heart

Cleansed by the living water, cleansed by the living blood
Cleansed by the living Christ within my soul

Now the Lord Jesus has made me whole
All is well with my soul, all is well with my soul
Track Name: Song for the Brokenhearted (feat. Clare Jones)
Take a look at where you are today
-did you lose your dreams along the way
Through your striving to succeed each day
did your childhood hopes just fade away?

Did you map your life when you were young?
Have the things you planned yet been done?
Were your hopes destroyed by anyone?
Did you have great hopes and now have none?

Did the world control you like the tide
Did the dark sea consume you inside?
Did you think that you could ever hide
The unhappiness you felt inside?

Did you blame God for your suffering
or did you not believe in Him?
Do you think there is a purpose in
your life or are you wandering?

The bottom line is are you sure
you know what you were put here for?
Why don’t you knock on Jesus’ door?
For you He has great things in store
Track Name: The Lord's Prayer (feat. Jude Grahame)
Our Father in Heaven, Hallowed be your name.
Your Kingdom come, Your will be done
on earth as it is in heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread
and forgive us our sins.
As we forgive those who sin against us
and don’t let us yield to temptation
but deliver us from evil for yours is the Kingdom,
the power and the glory, forever and ever, Amen
 Matthew 6 v 9-13
Track Name: Tear it Down (feat. Jonathan Newman)
Hey, I’m sick of satan with his evil schemes
-all his pride and sickness, his pain and disease
he destroyed our world and blamed it on God
corrupts our minds with poison
but he’s gonna lose this war

‘cause we’re gonna tear his kingdom down
yes, we’re gonna tear his kingdom down

he loves the darkness he can’t stand the light
all he does is evil so he hides in the night
he hates God’s creation
Mankind he does despise
hey, the feeling’s mutual -I long for his demise

I’m gonna tear his kingdom down
Yeah, gonna tear his kingdom down

Got my bible with me -my sword for the fight
and I have my armour
to protect through the night
Got my shield of faith to quench the fiery darts
but best of all - I’ve got Jesus in my heart

I’m gonna tear his kingdom down
Yeah, we’re gonna tear his kingdom down
Hey, church – we’re gonna tear his kingdom down
Track Name: The Lord's My Shepherd (feat. Jude Grahame)
The Lord’s my Shepherd – I shall not want
He makes me lie in pastures green
He leadeth me the quiet waters by
And I will follow ‘til the day I die

My soul He doth restore again
He makes me walk within the paths
of righteousness for His own name’s sake
and safeguards me from sin’s heartache

Yea, though I walk through death’s dark vale
I’ll fear no ill for thou art with me
And thy rod and staff me comfort still
And keep me safe on the path of your will
Track Name: You gave Your Life (feat. Jude Grahame)
You gave your life that I might live
a life that’s free from the guilt of sin
You freed me from a dark prison
and set me to fly on eagle’s wings

You knitted me within the womb
my breath and all I have is from you
and I will praise you all my days
for the grace you’ve shown and your
love so true

You dressed me in a pure white robe
so I can come before your throne
I love you ‘cause you first loved me
and I’ll be yours for eternity
Track Name: Give Glory (feat. Jude Grahame)
Give glory to the great I am Who made all things since time began
The God of glory and of grace who gave life to the human race

The God who brought all things to be from lofty mountains to the sea
He made it all, he gave us life, through His splendour and his might

The beauty of it all he made for us to marvel at His grace
He made it all to be subdued by created me and you

He did it all because He loved - sent His Son to die for us
Believe it now because it’s true, yes – he even died for you
Track Name: Jesus, I want to (feat. Jude Grahame)
Jesus, I want to live for you

Jesus, I want to live like you

Jesus, I want to love like you

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